viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Li fi

British researchers developed a system that could allow a connection to the Internet through an equipment based on flashing lights, with speeds of up to 10 Gbits per second

is possible that very soon suffice here to turn on the light to be able to connect to the Internet, since the first prototypes of this type of connection known as Li-Fi have already begun to be marketed. These systems use a normal light coupled to an internet connection that allows you to send data to a receiver installed on a computer, according to its developers resulting in a much faster connection that it currently provides us with Wi-Fi.

Although by the time the prototypes for sale are too bulky, is expected to soon reduce its size and become a serious competitor of the Wi-Fi in the world of the internet wireless. British scientists found that the system is capable of reaching a speed of 10 Gbites/s data transmission.

Only to get an idea, with a speed of that span an entire movie you could download in just 30 seconds.

To achieve this, the Li-Fi device circulates data through a few flashing lights that emit winks of light at a high speed, imperceptible to the human eye.

But this does not mean that using this type of connection not us, if you want, navigate in the dark, since Li-Fi bulbs can transmit data even at a frequency of light invisible to humans. One of the problems with the Wi-Fi is to increase this number of connections, the frequency of wave that use is increasingly more saturated, but the Li-Fi would solve this problem.

"Wi-Fi has been so successful that we have installed many and they interfere with the other reducing the speed of data transmission and with this we have an opportunity to obtain additional capacity," explained to the BBC, Professor Harald Haas, head of communications of the University of Edinburgh and one of the main fathers of this technology.

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Ramón Díaz: 'not a part I need the support of the people

Ramón Díaz: "I don't need the support of the people to a party, they bring it every day"

The technician said that the defeat Columbus "played the pride". "If when you lose with this shirt you're not angry, not you can play here, said. And the eleven confirmed to play against San Lorenzo.

Yet anger hard to Ramón Díaz by the defeat with Colon in Santa Fe. But know that the classic with San Lorenzo will be a good point of take-off: "team is with much rage and anger but players know the importance of the match and that gives me peace of mind," said coach of River, which confirmed the team that will go to the Monumental, with the important Maidana and Balanta returns in defense, although Rioja preferred not to clarify whether the line of three continue to be with them or there will be four on the bottom.

"Barovero, Mammana, Maidana, Balanta, Vangioni, Carbonero, Ledesma, red, Lanzini, Teo, Cavenaghi", started Ramon before answering the first question of the usual before each match press conference. "We do not come to a good match, we are aware and we all know, the team is with much rage and anger, because there are players category. They know the importance of the match and that gives me a lot of peace,"he said.

Despite the criticisms he received this week, Ramón Díaz stressed that "always" going to "thank the people". "I do not need support in a party,

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Cuba Venezuela and Ecuador blacklisted by United States

United States includes for the first time in several years to Ecuador, Cuba and Venezuela within the countries of particular concern, and removes it to Honduras

United States today included Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador in its list of countries that least respect human rights in the world, and warned of corruption, impunity, the lack of judicial independence and the restrictions on freedom of expression as major problems throughout Latin America.

In its report on human rights in the world, relative to 2013 and today sent to Congress, the State Department includes for the first time in several years to Ecuador within the countries of particular concern, and removes it to Honduras, mentioned in that category in the 2012 report

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martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

The government AUH and retirement doubles in San Juan.

In his usual morning press conference, Jorge Capitanich announced that "have sent assistance modules, mattresses, blankets and bedspreads" to San Juan and Mendoza, and will be launched then "a program of assistance for home repair" Nation and coordinated between the governments of those provinces.

Similarly, Diego Bossio said the ANSeS double benefits to those affected by the floods, reaching the minimum pension for both retirees and non-contributory pension, to 5,514 pesos shall be paid for two months.

In the case of the Universal Child Allowance, the benefit is 460 pesos more per month for three months. Formal workers also receive double the family wage for three months, with a maximum of 460 pesos per month.

Finally, Bossio announced that unemployment insurance in areas affected by the floods will also double.

So far, more than 3,000 people evacuated from their homes in San Juan and Mendoza in the wake of the floods, which were exacerbated by the excesses of some rivers.

After the improvement in the weather on Sunday was recorded, many began their homes after being evacuated, although during the afternoon of Monday the situation in the most affected localities became complicated with the fall of heavy rain

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The shocking man monkey tail

Born in Alipurdar, India, is called Chadre Oraon and many believe it is the embodiment of "Hanuman" the monkey god. He says that people travel to see it. View the video.

A 35-year-Alipurdar, India, is worshiped as a god by possessing a strange tail grows 14.5 inches from the lower back area.

According to Barcroft TV, some Hindus believe that Chadre Oraon is the incarnation of the monkey god "Hanuman" as he was born with a tail and is collecting tea leaves from the top of the trees so that climbs like a monkey.

The faith they have in Oraon is such that, from different parts of India come to your home to play his tail and ask blessings or the cure of diseases.

"Many people come to me, some from distant places. They feel that I am the god Hanuman. My tail is good for me, "says the man in the documentary.

"We believe Chandre is an incarnation of Hanuman. They say he was born on the same day the ritual of the Holy Hanuman. So we have faith in him, "said a woman who came to him to bless her little sick nephew.

Its tail was not always a source of goodness, as Chandre was bullied when I was in school and waited a long time to find a wife, reports

Currently, financial aid is seeking to build a temple in his honor that can accommodate all of your followers.

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How Bianchi remaining few days in Boca?

It feels tied. Runs out of air. Try to find the reason for that is suffering and can not notice. Search, digs, changed, changed again ... And nothing. The diagnosis is the same, you know where it hurts, but can not find a remedy to fix the problem. And the confusion is enhanced, disoriented, because it has the best specialist, in reality, he always knew what was the exact dose to avoid the inconvenience and to enjoy better health at Boca

He tried, but his staff does not cause the desired effect. Whether it's time to read the contraindications, DT because some words have caused side effects. Even, to some, the leaders, so low and doubt that the Viceroy has the recipe for healing many wounds.

"I talked to Bianchi and are concerned and working hard to see what to do. If a match of this nature is lost, is to worry. Difficult week is coming, with a party that ends late on Thursday (with Rafaela) and Sunday and Students have to play against. confused If any player, who desconfunda "said Cesar Martucci, the vice president of football on radio La Red

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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

EU reaches back to debt ceiling

EU reaches back to debt ceiling

Washington-The U.S. Treasury Department announced yesterday that as planned funding exceptional measures adopted in the absence of an extension of the debt limit by Congress.

"I urge Congress to protect U.S. credit and avoid potentially catastrophic consequences if the debt ceiling is not raised in time," wrote Jacob Lew, the Treasury secretary, in a letter sent to Congress yesterday.

Suspended after the budget commitment of mid-October, the U.S. debt ceiling was reactivated on Friday and must therefore be raised by Congress to allow the State to incur new debt to meet their financial obligations.

In order to expand its room for maneuver, the Treasury waive invest in two retirement funds administration officials, Lew said.

Those measures, reaching some 175 billion dollars will allow the State to operate until 27 February without having to issue new debt.

Only Congress has the prerogative to authorize an increase in debt, which had already undergone a crash last October, raising fears of a partial U.S. default.

No political tension

United States reached Friday deadline to enter bankruptcy and did so in an unusual atmosphere of tranquility, far removed from the political tension and misunderstanding of other occasions.

While Republicans are trying to include in the law authorizing extend the debt ceiling any condition that benefits them and show their strength to the White House, their leader in Congress, John Boehner, has made it clear that his party will not allow the country defaults.

Last October, as part of an agreement to end the government shutdown, Congress agreed to extend until February 7 ceiling limit debt, estimated at 17.3 billion dollars.

On Monday 3 February, the Treasury secretary, Jack Lew, warned that fulfilled then, his department would take extraordinary measures to keep borrowing money and secure the payment obligations of the U.S. measures, but they could not extend beyond the end This month, a shorter period of time than they have had in the past lawmakers to reach an agreement to avoid the dreaded default.

One possibility that Boehner has already made clear it will not allow it come true.

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