viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Li fi

British researchers developed a system that could allow a connection to the Internet through an equipment based on flashing lights, with speeds of up to 10 Gbits per second

is possible that very soon suffice here to turn on the light to be able to connect to the Internet, since the first prototypes of this type of connection known as Li-Fi have already begun to be marketed. These systems use a normal light coupled to an internet connection that allows you to send data to a receiver installed on a computer, according to its developers resulting in a much faster connection that it currently provides us with Wi-Fi.

Although by the time the prototypes for sale are too bulky, is expected to soon reduce its size and become a serious competitor of the Wi-Fi in the world of the internet wireless. British scientists found that the system is capable of reaching a speed of 10 Gbites/s data transmission.

Only to get an idea, with a speed of that span an entire movie you could download in just 30 seconds.

To achieve this, the Li-Fi device circulates data through a few flashing lights that emit winks of light at a high speed, imperceptible to the human eye.

But this does not mean that using this type of connection not us, if you want, navigate in the dark, since Li-Fi bulbs can transmit data even at a frequency of light invisible to humans. One of the problems with the Wi-Fi is to increase this number of connections, the frequency of wave that use is increasingly more saturated, but the Li-Fi would solve this problem.

"Wi-Fi has been so successful that we have installed many and they interfere with the other reducing the speed of data transmission and with this we have an opportunity to obtain additional capacity," explained to the BBC, Professor Harald Haas, head of communications of the University of Edinburgh and one of the main fathers of this technology.

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